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Try LOLA mini boxes for your perfect mix.

No two periods are the same. So get just what you need without buying what you won’t use. LOLA’s in-store mini boxes let you get your perfect mix of tampons (in four absorbencies), pads (regular and heavy), and liners. Now, it's easy to give 100% organic cotton a try.

What are people saying about LOLA?

“I'm obsessed with these new 100% cotton tampons. I've told every girl I'm friends with about them. I truly can feel a difference and feel so much better about my period.”


“I was beyond impressed with the comfort level, easy to open package, and organic cotton (so soft)! Finally! The perfect feminine care products!”


“I love that these tampons are natural. Knowing what goes into a tampon is SO important. The applicator made them easy to use, and they were comfortable to wear!”


“The regular pads stayed on well and did not leak. They held up on a very heavy flow day and were quick to dry.”


“These are the most comfortable liners I've ever tried. You don’t even know it’s there. Stays in place and the cotton lined liner is super soft and absorbent.”